• large-scale experimental study of hollow core wall panels on seismic behavior of steel frames

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    large-scale experimental study of hollow core wall panels on seismic behavior of steel frames

    hollow core panels are commonly used in recent years, mainly as the non-structural wall, roof, and floor systems. these precast units offer some advantages compared to traditional walls: improved economy, labor-saving, easy and fast finishing, etc.this experimental research aims to evaluate the lateral seismic performance of hollow-core wall panels, which are placed in steel frames.

    this research evaluated the seismic behavior of different types of steel frames with hollow-core infill under reversed cyclic loading, the effects of the orientation of the hollow core panels that were reinforced with two layers of high-strength bonded pre-tensioning strands for lateral resistance.four similar half-scale steel frames were built and tested with cyclic loading as well as a fixed axial load.

    the steel gravity and moment-resisting frame with vertical hollow core walls were compared to the bare frame. the test results indicated that hollow core units rocked within the frame, therefore, they could provide additional stiffness, strength and dissipating energy to the bare frame. also, a half-scale steel moment frame with two hollow-core panels placed horizontally was tested in the same manner. the test results demonstrated that vertical placement of hollow-core wall units was more effective in resisting lateral loading and a higher load bearing capacity was achieved in a higher lateral load.

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