• decentralized model predictive control of dynamically coupled linear systems

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     this paper proposes a decentralized model predictive control (dmpc) scheme for large-scale dynamical processes subject to input constraints. the global model of the process is approximated as the decomposition of several (possibly overlapping) smaller models used for local predictions. the degree of decoupling among submodels represents a tuning knob of the approach: the less coupled are the submodels, the lighter the computational burden and the load for transmission of shared information; but the smaller is the degree of cooperativeness of the decentralized controllers and the overall performance of the control system. sufficient criteria for analyzing asymptotic closed-loop stability are provided for input constrained open-loop asymptotically stable systems and for unconstrained open-loop unstable systems, under possible intermittent lack of communication of measurement data between controllers. the dmpc approach is also extended to asymptotic tracking of output set-points and rejection of constant measured disturbances. the effectiveness of the approach is shown on a relatively large-scale simulation example on decentralized temperature control based on wireless sensor feedback.

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