• fabrication of catalytically active agau bimetallic nanoparticles by physical mixture of small au clusters with ag ions

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     catalytically highly active pvp-protected agau bimetallic nanoparticles (bnps) less than 2 nm in diameter were fabricated by simultaneous physical mixture of aqueous dispersions of au clusters with ag+ ions. the prepared agau bnps, the dispersion of which was stably kept for more than 2 months under ambient conditions, were characterized by uv–vis, icp, hr-tem, and eds in hr-stem. the prepared bnp colloidal catalysts possessed a high activity for aerobic glucose oxidation. the highest activity of 3.77 mol-glucose s−1 mol-metal−1 was observed for the bnps prepared with ag/au atomic ratio of 2/8, which was more than two times higher than that of au nanoparticles with nearly the same particle sizes.

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