• fluid movement and joint capsule strains due to flexion in rabbit knees

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    diarthrodial joints are freely moveable joints containing synovial fluid (sf) within a connective tissue joint capsule that allows for low-friction and low-wear articulation of the cartilaginous ends of long bones. biomechanical cues from joint articulation regulate synoviocyte and cartilage biology via joint capsule strain, in turn altering the composition of sf. joint flexion is clinically associated with pain in knees with arthritis and effusion, with the nociception possibly originating from joint capsule strain. the hypothesis of this study was that knee fluid volume distribution and joint capsule strain are altered with passive flexion in the rabbit model. the aims were to (a) determine the volume distribution of fluid in the joint at different total volumes and with flexion of rabbit knees ex vivo, (b) correlate the volume distribution for the ex vivo model to in vivo data, and (c) determine the strains at different locations in the joint capsule with flexion. during knee flexion, ∼20% of anteriorly located joint fluid moved posteriorly, correlating well with the fluid motion observed in in vivo joints. planar joint capsule principal strains were ∼100% (tension) in the proximal–distal direction and ∼−40% (shortening) in the circumferential direction, relative to the femur axis and 30° strain state. the joint capsule strains with flexion are consistent with the mechanics of the tendons and ligaments from which the capsule tissue is derived. the movement and mixing of sf volume with flexion determine the mechanical and biological fluid environment within the knee joint. joint fluid movement and capsular strains affect synovial cell biology and likely modulate trans-synovial transport.

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