• comparison of the weight of reinforcement bars in rc structures according to aci, csa and euro codes considering the ductility effect

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     in a reinforced concrete structure, reinforcement bars play an important role in the structure resistance, structure durability and construction cost. ductility is one of the main parameters which could affect the reinforcement of beam, column and shear wall elements; furthermore, the effect of different seismic coefficients in existing different codes could not be neglected. this study compares the weight of reinforcement bars in reinforced concrete structures designed using three different codes while the ductility effect was investigated in each of them. numerical models could be divided into two main groups: 5-story structure and 10-story structures. each model of above mentioned group was analyzed and designed using aci 318-05, csa a23,3-04 and euro code 8: bs en1988-1:2004 codes. low and high ductility was defined for each model regarding the used code. hence totally twelve numerical models were created in finite element software (sap software). material properties, gravity loading conditions, seismic loading conditions, boundary condition, section of beams and columns and lateral resistance system were the same in all the twelve models. numerical models were designed under seismic and gravity loads according to iranian standard 2800 3rd edition. after analyzing and designing numerical models using finite element software, the weight of reinforcement bars in beams and columns was calculated according to above mentioned codes by sap software. results generally indicated that when ductility increases, the weight of reinforcement bars in a reinforced concrete structure increases too. results also showed that the heavier weight of reinforcement bars belongs to the structure which is designed according to csa code.

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