• seismic evaluation of frp strengthened rc buildings subjected to near-fault ground motions using artificial neural networks

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     recordings from recent earthquakes have provided evidence that ground motions in the near field of a rupturing fault differ from ordinary ground motions, as they can contain a large energy, or “directivity” pulse. this pulse can cause considerable damage during an earthquake, especially to structures with natural periods close to those of the pulse. failures of modern engineered structures observed within the near-fault region in recent earthquakes have revealed the vulnerability of existing rc buildings against pulse-type ground motions. this may be due to the fact that these modern structures had been designed primarily using the design spectra of available standards, which have been developed using stochastic processes with relatively long duration that characterizes more distant ground motions. many recently designed and constructed buildings may therefore require strengthening in order to perform well when subjected to near-fault ground motions. fibre reinforced polymers are considered to be a viable alternative, due to their relatively easy and quick installation, low life cycle costs and zero maintenance requirements. the objective of this paper is to investigate the adequacy of artificial neural networks (ann) to determine the three dimensional dynamic response of frp strengthened rc buildings under the near-fault ground motions. for this purpose, one ann model is proposed to estimate the base shear force, base bending moments and roof displacement of buildings in two directions. a training set of 168 and a validation set of 21 buildings are produced from fea analysis results of the dynamic response of rc buildings under the near-fault earthquakes. it is demonstrated that the neural network based approach is highly successful in determining the response.

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