• real time implementation of h∞ loop shaping robust pss for multimachine power system using dspace

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     this paper presents the simulation and the experimental validation of the designed robust power system stabilizer (rpss) to stabilize a linearized uncertain power system using glover–mcfarlane’s h loop shaping design procedure. guidance for setting the feedback configuration for loop shaping, weighing functions selection and synthesis are also presented. the efficiency of the designed controller is simulated using matlab/simulink and tested by implementing on real time environment using dspace work stations ds1005 and ds1104. the real time experimental results of rpss are compared with that of the conventional power system stabilizer (cpss) for a three phase fault. also, the real time simulation results of rpss are compared with the off-line simulation results of rpss, thus validating the simulation results with the experimental results. justification of robustness is also presented by considering three different operating points. the proposed method presented in this paper shows the effectiveness of the rpss in damping the power system oscillations.

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