• physiological and anatomical responses of wheat to induced dehydration and rehydration

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     hydroponically grown wheat seedlings of two prominent bulgarian cultivars (katya and prelom) were subjected to 48 h osmotic stress with peg 8000 and were then rehydrated. the degree of stress was evaluated by monitoring relative water content, lipid peroxidation level, and accumulation of free proline and hydrogen peroxide in the leaves. anatomy and ultrastructure of leaf tissue were observed under light microscopy. after imposition of stress, drought tolerant cultivar katya displayed higher free proline content and significantly lower malondialdehyde and peroxide concentration in leaves than in the leaves of susceptible cultivar prelom. after 24 h of rehydration katya showed better ability to restore leaf water status and an apparent tendency towards recovery, whereas prelom sustained higher levels of hydrogen peroxide, lipid peroxidation products and free proline and markedly low relative water content. here, we have uncovered some of the characteristics displayed by cultivar katya that enable it to survive and recover from severe osmotic stress. interestingly, there was congruence between our results and the high level of cultivar katya drought tolerance observed in the field.

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