• enhancement of matrix/filler adhesion in al/ap/htpb composiote propellant

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    an experimental study was conducted to understand the effect of bonding agents on the mechanical properties of ammonium perchlorate (ap) /hydroxyterminated polybutadie (htpb) composite propellants. composite propellants based on hydroxyterminated polybutadiene resin are the most common contemporary solid propellant for launch vehicle and missile applications. it dominates in the propellant industry because of its superior mechanical and ballistic properties, better low temperature performance and achieving higher solids-loading. it also findsincreasing use in a wide varie ty of application such as foams, sealants, material for electronic encapsulation and other electrical requirement. the main purpose of these measurements is to evaluate the efficiency of three bonding agents:ta-2,mapo and mt-4 on the mechanical properties of composite propellant. ta-2 is a derivative of triehanol amine , mapo is (2-methyl aziridinyl)phosphine axide and finally mt-4 is chemical adduct of mapo and adipic acid and tartaric acid. the mechanical properties of the propellant formulation from no bonding agent, ta-2, mapo and mt-4 are presented that tree bonding agent have improved mechanical properties relation to propellant formulation by no bonding agent. tensile and elongation was increased from no bonding agent respectively. mt-4 showing the bettest adhesion properties between solid particles and the elstomeric binders based on htpb.

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