• thermal modeling of a hybrid thermoelectric solar collector with a compound parabolic concentrator

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     in this study radiant light from the sun is used by a hybrid thermoelectric (te) solar collector and a compound parabolic concentrator (cpc) to generate electricity and thermal energy. the hybrid te solar collector system described in this report is composed of transparent glass, an air gap, an absorber plate, te modules, a heat sink to cool the water, and a storage tank. incident solar radiation falls on the cpc, which directs and reflects the radiation to heat up the absorber plate, creating a temperature difference across the te modules. the water, which absorbs heat from the hot te modules, flows through the heat sink to release its heat. the results show that the electrical power output and the conversion efficiency depend on the temperature difference between the hot and cold sides of the te modules. a maximum power output of 1.03 w and a conversion efficiency of 0.6% were obtained when the temperature difference was 12°c. the thermal efficiency increased as the water flow rate increased. the maximum thermal efficiency achieved was 43.3%, corresponding to a water flow rate of 0.24 kg/s. these experimental results verify that using a te solar collector with a cpc to produce both electrical power and thermal energy seems to be feasible. the thermal model and calculation method can be applied for performance prediction.

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