• the synergistic effects of organophosphorus ligands on the extraction of thorium and uranium with cyanex272

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     in this study, the extraction of thorium (iv) and uranium (vi) from nitric acid solutions have been studied using the mixtures of cyanex272 (ha) and neutral organophsphorus extractants (s) such as trioctylphosphine oxide (topo) and tributylphosphate (tbp). the results showed a strong synergistic effect and better extraction efficiency if the two ligands were used together. the synergistic effect of topo was higher than tbp and the synergistic enhancement factor for uranium was higher than that of thorium. also from the results, it is clear that these metals are extracted into kerosene as th(oh)2(no3)a.ha and uo2(no3)a.ha with cyanex272 alone and as th(oh)2(no3)a.ha.s and uo2(no3)a.ha.s in the presence of neutral organophsphorus ligands. the equilibrium constants of the synergistically extracted complexes have been concluded by nonlinear regression method. the logarithm overall equilibrium constant values for extraction of thorium and uranium with topo were about twofold higher than that of tbp and this conforms with the difference between the log equilibrium constant values for adduct formation in the organic phase. thus the binding to the neutral ligands by th(oh)2(no3)a.ha and uo2(no3)a.ha follows neutral ligand basicity sequence.

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