• computational simulation of flow and energy dissipation in stepped spillways

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     the analysis of energy dissipation plays a major role in the problem of stepped spillways. in this study has been investigated flow over the stepped spillway using a physical model, in hydraulics laboratory, department of civil engineering, university of tabriz-iran and has been obtained water profile by an image processing system in matlab software. then for investigation of energy dissipation in stepped spillways, flow simulated using flow-3d software. in order to this investigation to be more elucidated, 3 models 4, 8, 10 steps with adverse slopes and two discharge is used to determine their influences on amount of energy dissipation. results showed that amount of energy dissipation decreases with increasing of discharge. also number of steps and adverse slope on each step affects on energy dissipation, as by increasing number of steps and adverse slope, increases. finally comparison of the numerical and physical model results showed a relatively good agreement.

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