• modelling the r-curve effect and its specimen-dependence

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     this paper explores the specimen-dependence of the resistance (r-) curve for fracture of materials showing a pronounced r-curve effect. using a cohesive zone framework, this paper demonstrates how to effectively predict the r-curve for a specimen type whose deformation is shear-dominated (compact tension, ct) from the r-curve of a specimen type whose deformation is bending-dominated (double cantilever beam, dcb). the mathematical relationships between crack extension and crack opening displacements for both ct and dcb specimens are first derived and related to a tri-linear cohesive law. experimental tests for intralaminar fracture of cfrp are carried out and analysed. using, as input, the experimental results from the dcb specimen, the cohesive law is shown analytically and using finite element (fe) to reproduce accurately the r-curve for the dcb and also to predict accurately the r-curve for the ct specimens.

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