• properties of al2o3 nano-particle reinforced copper matrix composite coatings prepared by pulse and direct current electroplating

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     cu–al2o3 nano-composite coatings have high potential for use in applications in which high mechanical properties together with high corrosion resistance are required. in the present study it is intended to produce copper nano-alumina composite coatings with various nano-alumina contents in order to investigate the effect of alumina reinforcement particles on corrosion resistance and mechanical properties such as hardness and wear resistance. the composite coatings were deposited using direct current (dc) and pulse current (pc) plating. the microstructures of the coatings produced from both methods were examined via scanning electron microscopy (sem) and x-ray diffraction (xrd) techniques. the wear behaviors, micro hardness, coating thickness, corrosion rate and coating porosity were examined using appropriate methods. compared to dc deposition, pc plating facilitated higher amounts of particle incorporation with more uniform distribution. the results indicated that the mechanical properties of the applied coatings with incorporated nano-alumina reinforcement were far more superior as compared to its own matrix as well as non-composite copper coatings. it was also found out that increasing the amount of nano-alumina content in the coating, led to enhanced general properties of the coatings.

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