• bulk modulus of basic sodalite, na8[alsio4]6(oh)2·2h2o, a possible zeolitic precursor in coal-fly-ash-based geopolymers

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     synthetic basic sodalite, na8[alsio4]6(oh)2·2h2o, cubic, p43n, (also known as hydroxysodalite hydrate) was prepared by the alkaline activation of amorphous aluminosilicate glass, obtained from the phase separation of class f fly ash. the sample was subjected to a process similar to geopolymerization, using high concentrations of a naoh solution at 90 °c for 24 hours. basic sodalite was chosen as a representative analogue of the zeolite precursor existing in na-based class f fly ash geopolymers. to determine its bulk modulus, high-pressure synchrotron x-ray powder diffraction was applied using a diamond anvil cell (dac) up to a pressure of 4.5 gpa. a curve-fit with a truncated third-order birch–murnaghan equation of state with a fixed k'o = 4 to pressure-normalized volume data yielded the isothermal bulk modulus, ko = 43 ± 4 gpa, indicating that basic sodalite is more compressible than sodalite, possibly due to a difference in interactions between the framework host and the guest molecules.

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