• application of a cross-linked pd–chitosan catalyst in liquid-phase-hydrogenation using molecular hydrogen

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     chitosan was cross-linked with hexamethylendiisocyanate and loaded with pd which was subsequently reduced with nabh4. the prepared catalyst was characterized by ft-ir and elemental analysis. the metal content was determined by icp-ms measurements. several substrates (cyclohex-2-enone, benzalacetophenone, 1,2-diphenylacetylene, and n-benzylidenaniline) were hydrogenated successfully in ethanol at mild conditions (50 °c, p(h2) ∼6 bar) utilizing a microwave reactor. reaction parameters like temperature, hydrogen pressure, and the solvent were varied. it was shown that the reduction of the catalyst is crucial for catalytic activity. the catalyst was reused ten times for the hydrogenation of cyclohex-2-enone, without showing a dramatic loss in immobilized metal content. also the polymeric support material did not show any decomposition.

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