• an efficient method for the transformation of naturally occurring monoterpenes into amines through rhodium-catalyzed hydroaminomethylation

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     the hydroaminomethylation (hydroformylation/reductive amination) of the naturally occurring monoterpenes,i.e., limonene, camphene, and β-pinene, was studied having as condensation counterparts the amines di-n-butylamine, morpholine or n-butylamine. moderate to good yields (75–94%) were obtained employing [rh(cod)(μ-ome)]2 as pre-catalyst in the presence or not of triphenylphosphine or tribenzylphosphine as ancillaries in toluene, at 100 °c and 60 bar of an equimolar mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. some of the hydroaminomethylation products derived from limonene have biological activity and the products derived from camphene and β-pinene are new.

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