• electrochemical sensor for determination of buprenorphine using mwcnts–gce in the blood serum and urine real samples

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    a promising electrochemical sensor for determination of buprenorphine was created on glassy carbon electrode using multi-walled carbon nanotubes (mwcnts–gce) as an electrode modifier. electrochemical oxidation of the bpr was proposed using voltammetric studies by cyclic voltammetry (cv), and differential pulse voltammetry (dpv) were carried out in britton-robinson buffer solution (ph 3.0). optimizations of parameters including ph, amount of modifier, accumulation time and potential on the anodic peak current of bpr were accomplished. under the optimum experimental conditions, the linear response range and the detection limit were calculated as 0.008-5.00 μm and 1.11 nm (s/n=3) respectively. also the selectivity of the modified mwcnts–gc electrode was studied in the presence of various interferences and accordingly the modified electrode was successfully employed for the determination of bpr in spiked blood serum and urine samples.

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