• synthesis of noble-metal doped tin dioxide nanohybrid and its application in the chemiresistive sensors

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    sno2 quantum dots and doped sno2 nanohybrid were synthesized and evaluated as chemiresistive gas sensors for methane detection at moderate temperatures. sno2-qds were synthesized through one pot hydrothermal method and doped with noble metal catalyst. the sensors response to 1000ppm ch4 were measured at the temperature range of 100-300oc. our experiments demonstrated that presence of the dopants increased the response of sno2-qd sensor toward methane gas from 12.5% to 52% at 200oc. on the other hand, sensing optimum operating temperature for methane, reduced from 300oc for sno2-qd to 200oc for the hybrid sno2; addition of the catalysts improved the sensing characteristics of gas sensor and the device could operate at lower temperatures. the nanostructured hybrid materials were characterized by x-ray diffractometer (xrd) and field emission scanning electron microscope (fesem).

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