• evaluated the relationship between sensory marketing with customer satisfaction in hotel services

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    in the business world which is facing with increasing competition among the firms, customers get more aware about the products and services every day. in this regard, it can be stated that today the businesses cannot be sustainable without loyal customers. the aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between experiential marketing and customer satisfaction in the hospitality services. today, little research has been conducted in iran to examine the relationship between experiential marketing and customer satisfaction. however, outside of iran, numerous studies have examined the relationship between experiential marketing and other variables. in order to collect the inventory information, 300 customers of the five-star samin hotel in the city of khoie were selected based on random sampling and then the hypotheses were tested through structural equation modeling.  this study is applied based on purpose and a descriptive survey based on data collection method. the results of the study indicated that there was a relationship between experiential marketing, hedonistic value and perceived usefulness, perceived service quality with customer satisfaction.

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