• plastic waste bottle in mortar block for river bank protection work

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    plastic waste bottle in mortar block for river bank protection work

    bangladesh is a land of rivers, and there are more than 230 rivers. bank protection of rivers is an important thing all over the country because river banks are damaged by water flow and natural disasters every year. this paper's purpose is the make mortar blocks with used plastic to protect the riverbank erosion. plastic is one of the most significant innovations of the 20th century, and there is a lot of waste after use.

    only 1 to 2% of waste plastic is used for various purposes in america, and there are10.5 million tons of plastic waste released every year. plastic waste is now a serious environmental threat to modern civilization, so, the reuse of plastic waste in the mortar blocks minimizes the environmental threat. the plastic bottles are filled with course sand with cement and a water-cement ratio of 35%. in the project, the cement-sand ratio is 1:3. in this study, five types of percentages of replacement waste plastic bottles are used to determine the exact percentage of replacement waste plastic bottles. for 6 "×6" ×6" mortar block, the required strength of 12 mpa occurred at 11% of bottle content. but the compressive strength of the mortar block decrease with the increase of the size of the mortar block.

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