• temperature stability of v2o5-doped knn-ls-bf lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

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    • تاریخ ارائه: 1392/07/24
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      v2o5-doped na0.5k0.5nbo3-lisbo3-bifeo3 (knn-ls-bf) lead-free piezoelectric ceramics were prepared by the traditional sintering method, and their temperature stability was studied. characterization of the temperature dependences of dielectric and piezoelectric properties of the v2o5-doped knn-ls-bf ceramics showed that v2o5 doping could significantly improve the temperature stability in the temperature range of 30°c to 420°c and cause a downward shift in the orthorhombic–tetragonal phase transition to below room temperature. it was also found that the v2o5-doped knn-ls-bf ceramics possess good dielectric and piezoelectric properties (ε r > 1066, tan δ < 4%, d 33 > 185 pc/n, k p > 0.25) in the temperature range of 30°c to 300°c.

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