• experimental study and analysis of wave parameters effect on rubble-mound breakwater toe

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     physical model study is an important tool to evaluate the dominate parameters, formulas and also optimizing the design criteria on coastal structures. this experimental study deals with the 2d toe stability and scour depth at the trunk section of rubble-mound breakwater in a wave flume. two breakwater models with slopes of 1:1.2 and 1:0.66, different conditions of bed, waves and water level (8cm≤h≤12cm, 2s≤t≤4s, 48cm≤h≤54cm) are employed to analyze the toe stability and scour depth. the tests are conducted with regular waves. it is found that the scour depth in front of the rubble-mound breakwater depends on wave height, structure slope, water level and wave period, but the results reveal that the effect of wave period on scour depth is more than others. countermeasures for toe stability are also investigated for the different conditions. the results show that the effect of period must be taken into account as a significant parameter on damage of rubble-mound breakwater toe, so that long period waves with more energy can be a threat for rubble-mound breakwater. also the results of the toe stability and scour depth are given in the form of diagrams.

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