• iran's legal views on opposition to joining the fatf

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    iran's legal views on opposition to joining the fatf

    the fatf is the most important international anti-money laundering treaty that iran has not yet joined to it, the task force was given responsibility for examining money laundering techniques and trends, reviewing the action which had already been taken at a national or international level, and setting out the measures that needed to be taken to combat money laundering.

    iran is one of the two countries that are on the black list of fatf, despite repeated attempts by the government to pass fatf-related bills and parliamentary approval, these bills have been repeatedly rejected by the guardian council. in this article, we have tried to study iran's legal views on opposition to iran's accession to fatf. first, the process of legislation in iran is explained and then the steps of the fatf survey in iran are mentioned in the legislative bodies (parliament and the guardian council) and even in the expediency council. finally, the legal reasons for opposing the approval of fatf laws are mentioned.

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