• emission of methane from moonidih underground coal mine in india

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     emission of greenhouse gases (ghg) is contributing towards global warming and climate change. emission of methane from underground coal mines is an important part of the anthropogenic ghg emissions from the mining industry. the methane emitted from the coal mine is usually in a very low concentration mixed with the ventilation air and is known as the ventilation air methane (vam). while the vam from coal mines is a harmful greenhouse gas, it also represents a “wasted resource” of immense value. during the last few years, vam combustion/utilization technologies have been developed and tried in coal mining operations in australia, us and china, although it has not been tried in india so far. combustion of vam for generation of useful energy is technically feasible only when the vam volume is substantial, methane concentration is relatively constant and it is above a threshold value. a preliminary study was undertaken to assess the emission of methane from the moonidih mine which is one of the gassiest mines in india. the study also investigated the potential of utilization of this methane. this paper presents the preliminary results of the case study to quantify and characterize the methane emission from the moonidih mine in order to evaluate its utilization potential.

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