• frictional elastic contact with periodic loading

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    quasi-static frictional contact problems for bodies of fairly general profile that can be represented as half planes can be solved using an extension of the methods of ciavarella and jäger. here we consider the tangential traction distributions developed when such systems are subjected to loading that varies periodically in time. it is shown that the system reaches a steady state after the first loading cycle. in this state, part of the contact area (the permanent stick zone) experiences no further slip, whereas other points may experience periods of stick, slip and/or separation. we demonstrate that the extent of the permanent stick zone depends only on the periodic loading cycle and is independent of the initial conditions or of any initial transient loading phase. the exact traction distribution in this zone does depend on these factors, but the resultant of these tractions at any instant in the cycle does not. the tractions and slip velocities at all points outside the permanent stick zone are also independent of initial conditions, confirming an earlier conjecture that the frictional energy dissipation per cycle in such systems depends only on the periodic loading cycle. we also show that these parameters remain unchanged if the loading cycle is changed by a time-independent tangential force, provided this is not so large as to precipitate a period of gross slip (sliding).

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