• chitosan/bioactive glass nanoparticle composite membranes for periodontal regeneration

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     barrier membranes are used in periodontal applications with the aim of supporting periodontal regeneration by physically blocking migration of epithelial cells. the present work proposes a combination of chitosan (cht) with bioactive glass nanoparticles (bg-nps) in order to produce a novel guided tissue and bone regeneration membrane, fabricated by solvent casting. the cht/bg-np nanocomposite membranes are characterized in terms of water uptake, in mechanical tests, under simulated physiological conditions and in in vitro bioactivity tests. the addition of bg-nps to cht membranes decreased the mechanical potential of these membranes, but on the other hand the bioactivity improved. the membranes containing the bg-nps induced the precipitation of bone-like apatite in simulated body fluid (sbf). biological tests were carried out using human periodontal ligament cells and human bone marrow stromal cells. cht/bg-np composite membranes promoted cell metabolic activity and mineralization. the results indicate that the cht/bg-np composite membrane could potentially be used as a temporary guided tissue regeneration membrane in periodontal regeneration, with the possibility to induce bone regeneration.

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