• a numerical analytical study on the damaged rc shear walls with openings retrofitted by frp sheets

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     this paper presents the analytical results of a study investigating the effectiveness of using fiberreinforced polymer (frp) sheets for repairing of reinforced concrete shear walls with regular openings. the majority of research studies on the behavior of reinforced concrete members with externally bonded fiber reinforced polymer (frp) sheets have been focused on beams, columns, and beam-columns joints. however, limited studies have been conducted to investigate the performance of structural walls retrofitted by frp sheets, especially on structural walls with regular openings. nonlinear finite element analysis is performed on two repaired shear wall with regular openings. the performance of the repaired walls was observed to be better than the original walls before repairing in terms of the flexural behavior, shear strength, ductility capacities and ultimate lateral load resistance. therefore it could be concluded that application of frp sheets is proper way to retrofit shear wall with regular openings.

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