• synthesis and characterization of nanoplate-based sns microflowers via a simple solvothermal process with biomolecule assistance

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     a biomolecule-assisted mild solvothermal process has been successfully developed to synthesize the sns microflowers with nanoplates, in which l-cysteine was used as the sulfur source and complexing agent. the phase structure, morphology, composition and optical properties of the as-prepared product were characterized by xrd, fe-sem, tem (hrtem), saed, xps, tga and uv–vis spectrum. results demonstrated that the as-synthesized product is comprised of microflowers with nanoplates, and the nanoplates are 50 nm in average thickness. and a possible mechanism for the growth of the sns microflowers with nanoplates was put forward and briefly discussed. the proposed solvothermal method using l-cysteine as the sulfur source and complexing agent is very promising for the low cost and large-scale synthesis of other tin chalcogenide compounds.

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