• general expressions for the calculation of air flow and heat transfer rates in tall ventilation cavities

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     solar heated tall ventilation cavities including solar chimneys are used to enhance natural ventilation of buildings. a validated cfd model was used to predict the buoyancy-driven air flow and heat transfer rates in vertical ventilation cavities with various combinations of heat distribution on two vertical walls ranging from symmetrical to fully asymmetrical heating. the natural ventilation rate and heat transfer rate have been found to vary with the total heat input, heat distribution on the cavity walls, cavity width and height and inlet opening position. general expressions for these variables have been obtained and presented in non-dimensional terms, nusselt number, reynolds number, rayleigh number and aspect ratio (h/b), as nu = f(ra, h/b) and nu = f(ra, re) or re = f(ra, nu), for natural ventilation design.

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