• metalloporphyrins immobilized on core–shell ceo2@sio2 nanoparticles prepared by a double-coating method for oxidation of diphenyl methane

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     metalloporphyrins immobilized on ceo2@sio2 core–shell nanoparticles were synthesized by a double-coating method and used for catalytic oxidation of diphenyl methane. a variety of characterization techniques including ft-ir, uv–vis, sem, tem, xrd, n2 adsorption–desorption and tga were employed. the results show that the catalyst consists of regular nanoparticles (around 400 nm) with core–shell structure and metalloporphyrins were immobilized on ceo2@sio2 core–shell nanoparticles via amide bonds. moreover, these new developed catalysts for solvent-free selective oxidation of diphenyl methane exhibited an excellent catalytic activity, selectivity and stability. furthermore, these catalysts could be reused 6 times without significant loss of their catalytic activity and the used catalysts maintained nearly the same physicochemical properties as the fresh.

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