• experimental modal analysis on fresh-frozen human hemipelvic bones employing a 3d laser vibrometer for the purpose of modal parameter identification

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    to provide a close-to-reality simulation model, such as for improved surgery planning, this model has to be experimentally verified. the present article describes the use of a 3d laser vibrometer for determining modal parameters of human pelvic bones that can be used for verifying a finite elements model. compared to previously used sensors, such as acceleration sensors or strain gauges, the laser vibrometric procedure used here is a non-contact and non-interacting measuring method that allows a high density of measuring points and measurement in a global coordinate system. relevant modal parameters were extracted from the measured data and provided for verifying the model. the use of the 3d laser vibrometer allowed the establishment of a process chain for experimental examination of the pelvic bones that was optimized with respect to time and effort involved. the transfer functions determined feature good signal quality. furthermore, a comparison of the results obtained from pairs of pelvic bones showed that repeatable measurements can be obtained with the method used.

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