• isothermal induction time measurements for hydrate formation: study on temperature program

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    for investigating the effect of any additive on the hydrate formation kinetics, it should be determined the specifications and parameters of the blank test (with no additive). isothermal induction time measurement facilitates the study of nucleation mechanisms and the effects of khis on the kinetics of hydrate nucleation and growth. the effect of different cooling rate of temperature program is investigated. it is observed that for low cooling rate hydrate forms during gas compression simultaneously. it is an undesirable factor in measurement of induction time. the optimum cooling rate is determined based on gas composition and sub-cooling. in this work, the cooling rate of 5˚c/h is determined for the sour gas of south pars oil & gas field and sub-cooling of 7.5˚c, applied for isothermal induction time measurements.

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