• investigation of the performance and characteristics of linear doped tunneling carbon nanotube field effect transistor

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    a tunneling carbon nanotube field effect transistor with linear doped (ld-t-cntfet) is presented for investigating band to band tunneling and improving the device characteristics with a non-equilibrium green’s function (negf) method. the ld-t-cntfet structure includes two linear doped regions between the intrinsic channel and the highly doped source and drain regions which are called the linear doped drain and source t-cntfet. simulations have shown that ld-t-cntfet characteristics are attributed to the linear doped region length. in comparison with a t-cntfet, an ld-t-cntfet with linear doped drain and source regions has shown a smaller off current (ioff), a smaller sub-threshold swing, a lower on-current and tunneling current. 

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