• electrochemical storage properties of polyaniline-, poly(n-methylaniline)-, and poly(n-ethylaniline)-coated pencil graphite electrodes

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     three types of conducting polymers, polyaniline (pani), poly(n-methylaniline) (pnma), poly(n-ethylaniline) (pnea) were electrochemically deposited on pencil graphite electrode (pge) surfaces characterized as electrode active materials for supercapacitor applications. the obtained films were electrochemically characterized using different electrochemical methods. redox parameters, electro-active characteristics, and electrostability of the polymer films were investigated via cyclic voltammetry (cv). doping types of the polymer films were determined by the mott-schottky method. electrochemical capacitance properties of the polymer film coating pge (pge/pani, pge/pnma, and pge/pnea) were investigated by the cv and potentiostatic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (eis) methods in a 0.1 m h2so4 aqueous solution. thus, capacitance values of the electrodes were calculated. results show that pge/pani, pge/pnma, and pge/pnea exhibit maximum specific capacitances of 131.78 f g−1 (≈ 436.50 mf cm−2), 38.00 f g−1 (≈ 130.70 mf cm−2), and 16.50 f g−1 (≈ 57.83 mf cm−2), respectively. moreover, charge-discharge capacities of the electrodes are reported and the specific power (sp) and specific energy (se) values of the electrodes as supercapacitor materials were calculated using repeating chronopotentiometry.

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