• investigating a relation between knowledge management and organizational performance of staff personal of qazvin province's sepah bank

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    this research is aimed to investigate a relation between the knowledge management and organizational performance of the staff personal of the qazvin province's sepah bank. the research type is an applied goal one, because its main goal is promotion at an applied knowledge in organization field, also it is a descriptive research and would be named as correlation due to the method a descriptive research and would be named as correlation due to the method of the research, since we want know is there a relation between variables on is so, that is how much and which direction? first, a series of the sub structural elements in the management knowledge, culture, technology and organizational structure have been identified, than the variables of the organizational performance were assigned as well. the main question whether is there any relation between organizational performance and knowledge sub structural capacities? our statistical population is the whole of the sepah bank's staff personnel as the 59- the whole selected over a number limitation – to find information about the theoretical bases and the ended studies, the various data collected from persian and english available sources at the iran's national library, the central library of tehran university, articles, specialty monthly – printed magazines, management publications, internet, and authoritative sites, also we had a field research to collect needful data so that reach to a fine know how about the introduced variables relationship. these research variables have two parts as follow: knowledge sub structural capacities and organizational performance. the knowledge sub structural capacities include: technological sub structures, organizational culture and structure. this research has used the various questionnaires from the different scholars and authors, those who had an approved rhetorical questionnaires. more over, this rhetorical trend has been reviewed by the research-based experts, so that these questions have not any defects or ambiguities as refer to the respondents, also to assign the dynamic size, there is a-kronbach coefficient in this questionnaire of the organizational performance and the knowledge management is %951 and %921 respectively, then the both ones are highly accountable. to investigate the relation between the various variables, first we should confident over a data normality via evaluate golgi and traction coefficients, then to answer to the questions and assign a relation between the two variables, we refer to the person correlation test. also, we have used the variance analyze and t-test to having confident over the averages comparison. the results clearly shoe that there is a significant relationship between the knowledge management and organizational performance, but there was not any great difference between varages made by the men and women group for the two above- said items and in end, the personal with a different academic degrees are consensus over the both variables to.

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