• analyze and manage management in the exchange and how to make financial decisions

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    analyze and manage management in the exchange and how to make financial decisions

    round capital management is an important component of financial management because it directly affects the company's profitability. a company's working capital is the sum of money invested in current assets and working capital management is to determine the volume and composition of resources and capital expenditures. working in a way that increases the wealth of shareholders. therefore, working capital is an important resource for improving financial performance and aims to strike a critical balance between maintaining liquidity, supporting day-to-day operations and maximizing investment opportunities. it is short-lived. management's financial decisions are important and vital to improving a company's financial position. how companies choose a combination of debt and capital in their capital structure depends on a variety of factors, including corporate characteristics, economics, perspectives, and managers' goals. therefore, managers must consider the decisions related to financing and the effects that these factors have on the investment structure, in order to be able to make a sufficient profit to provide a suitable return for investors and creditors. the present study seeks to investigate the effect of working capital management and financial decisions on the return of companies listed on the tehran stock exchange. in this regard, all companies listed on the stock exchange during the period 1388 to 1392, were examined. 141 companies were studied as samples. the research findings show that there is a significant relationship between decision making about company financing and working capital composition. also, the combination of working capital and decision making to finance the company, each independently, affect the profitability of the company. the company's turnover and debt do not have a significant effect on the company's profitability.

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